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mika newton

@mirrexofficial vanity mirror is the new favorite thing in my purse. It has three different lighting options so i can touch up my make up anywhere! Also, I can recharge it wirelessly or with a USB chord. I think it could be a good gift as well to someone you love! Check it out 


I’m consistently on my phone, which is why I always carry around an external charger just in case I run out of juice 🔋 Now with the @mirrexofficial vanity mirror, I can do just that with their 3-in-1 feature that includes QI wireless capability as well as mirror and light! Swipe to see how portable it is!

Melina Tesi

Sharing one of my biggest regrets and how i manage to fix it until I find a solution to get them permanently removed. THANK YOU @Mirrex  SO much for sponsoring this video, their mirrors are a MUST HAVE! I have been using them for a long time and can't live without it!