Why a Makeup Desk with a Mirror and Lights is the Right Choice for You

Why a Makeup Desk with a Mirror and Lights is the Right Choice for YouMakeup application takes time, and if you’re used to spending hours on your application, it’s time to take a step forward and try something new. You can buy all the makeup in the world, but if you don’t have the right setup, you’ll never be able to apply makeup perfectly.

A makeup desk with a mirror and lights is the best option.

We’re going to find out why professionals recommend that you purchase your own makeup desk if you’re serious about putting on your makeup and looking your best.

Why People Use a Makeup Desk with a Mirror and Lights

A desk is a big commitment, and it makes sense why someone would be skeptical of buying a desk just for their makeup needs. Desks are going to take up a large space in your room, and they’re also rather expensive.

But there’s a reason why professional makeup artists have these desks: they’re awesome.

What’s the big deal with these desks?


You have limited space, and if you don’t make space for your makeup, guess what happens? Chaos. You’ll start putting your makeup everywhere, and when this happens, you’ll start to lose items and spend more time trying to find makeup items that you do actually using your makeup.

It’s not easy to look your best when you’re missing your best makeup accessories.

When you choose to buy a makeup desk, you’re choosing to have:

  • Space that’s all yours and can be used exclusively for your makeup needs. Depending on the desk, you’ll also have drawers and storage areas that allow you to keep all of your accessories nice and tidy – a major bonus.
  • Dedication to your makeup application with a place that you use routinely to apply your makeup. This means that you’ll know where all of your makeup accessories are located as well as how the lighting works best for your needs.

I find that when I have a space to do my makeup, it is so much easier and always comes out better than using a mirror in the bathroom.

Your space is dedicated, and this is so important. I love changing the location of my makeup items and accessories and organizing everything so that I know where they’re located. It’s far easier to get started with your makeup and to start looking your best when everything has a place.

Trust me when I say that space is essential when applying makeup and trying to look your best.


Mirrors are essential to apply your makeup, especially if you don’t have ample mirror coverage. The mirror you choose allows you to achieve maximum visibility when applying your makeup. You’ll come across two main mirror types when you search for your desk:

  1. Single Panel: A great option when trying to view your makeup head-on. The single panel makeup mirror is all about seeing the front of your face. These mirrors are basic, but they will suffice. The main issue is that you won’t be able to see your makeup from the side or from an angle – often where it matters most.
  2. Triple Panel: The triple panel mirror is a great choice, and these mirrors are ideal because they allow you to see your makeup from both sides and all angles. This is a great option for models and professionals who need to look perfect from every angle possible. Many actresses use a triple panel mirror for their makeup needs.

Mirrors are a must-have when trying to apply makeup properly. A built-in or attached makeup mirror offers several additional benefits, too. Many of the desk mirrors I’ve had the pleasure of using have been larger in size, making them easier to see my face in.

If you’re lucky enough to have a triple panel mirror, this further enhances your makeup application, making it much easier to apply your makeup.

And finally, you’ll benefit from using the same mirror every day. You might not put much stock in using the same mirror frequently, but this is a major benefit of using a makeup desk. The idea is that you’ll get used to using the mirror so that you know how to adjust angles properly or where to move to get the best angle to apply your makeup.

You can also choose to put a small mirror on your desk if you want to add more viewing angles when going to apply your makeup.


We’re not talking about your ordinary makeup desk in this article. When you buy a desk with a mirror and lights, this is a major benefit. Why does it matter so much? Lighting is such an integral part of the makeup process.

See, every lighting situation is different.

You’ll need to adapt your makeup routine if the lighting is:

  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Ambient

In essence, you’ll need to make sure that your eye makeup looks great in one lighting along with your lipstick, foundation, cover up and all of the other makeup that you apply.

Makeup desks that have a mirror and lighting are great because they are able to:

  • Produce lighting that’s ample for the mirror surface
  • Enhance the lighting to match natural light
  • Allow for easy lighting adjustment

You’ll find that a makeup mirror with lights is a major accessory that is only truly appreciated when you’ve had the luxury of using one of these makeup mirrors for yourself. I love my mirror because the lighting is adjustable, and when I go outside, my makeup looks natural thanks to the light being as natural as possible.

Of course, you may also have a bench or chair that’s super cute and may or may not be included.

Makeup desks are very fashionable, so it only makes sense to have one in your room. You’ll find that you can quickly apply your makeup, keep your accessories organized and even apply your makeup with greater precision because the mirror is large and the lighting is more than sufficient.

It’s a luxury item, but it’s one that I recommend to everyone trying to master the art of makeup.

And with a lot of different desk options, you’re sure to find one that fits into your room’s design and your budget.

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