Most Popular Compact Mirror This 2022

Meet Mirrex, your new best friend. With the ultimate smart lighted makeup mirror, you can enjoy getting ready in the morning while our innovative mirror multi-tasks to charge your phone at the same time, saving you time and space in your bedroom or bathroom. This is not just an ordinary vanity mirror – it has a built in wireless charger and touch sensor control so you can get ready while charging your mobile device since we know that sometimes our morning routine can use extra time; plus there are no messy wires to deal with. Using patented technology, the design of Mirrex allows for simple one touch control of the led lights on the mirror with the touch sensor panel built into the framework. No more fumble for fussy switches or buttons to turn on and off a painfully bright light making it impossible for makeup application, as well as seeing yourself clearly in a reflection. Say goodbye to dim lighting and mirrors using clunky controls when you want to see every hair in place or adjust your makeup to perfection. The high definition vanity lighted wall mirror has two adjustable brightness settings so you can operate it easily without disturbing anyone else sleeping in the same room, or getting up too closely to the  mirror and bumping into it.

There are so many mainstream, lighted makeup mirrors on the market—why do we need another one? Because our mirror lights aren’t simply a source of illumination. We spent years researching and developing so that our lights can actually help you to see yourself better in various lighting situations (think: in hotel rooms, cars, dark rooms, or even inside your closet).With Mirrex, you can finally see what the rest of the world sees and it’s better than ever before! Our innovative, patent-pending light technology gives you three types of light—daylight (5000k), cool white (6500k), and warm yellow (3000k)—so that you can glow where ever and whenever.

Mirrex is not simply a compact makeup mirror. It also comes with built in LED lights with adjustable brightness and a wireless charger for your device. Improved Touch Sensor Control technology, makes it easier for you to control the options which includes the light, the rotation of the mirror, the time setting and more! In addition to that Mirrex is a tennis ball wireless charger with our QuickCharge technology compact mirror that we guarantee that it will be about 2X faster than normal chargers on the market today.

Mirrex is a smart makeup compact mirror featuring high brightness LEDs, dimming control, and an integrated wireless charger. The Mirrex is the only lighted makeup mirror on the market that includes a charging pad. It's QuickCharge technology is about 2X faster than normal chargers and its Improved Touch Sensor Control technology allows for more accurate adjustments.

It has new and improved Touch Sensor Control technology with 18 adjustable light dimming levels and 2 different shades of LED lights for the best lighting possible for your makeup application needs. The Mirrex is both an exceptional makeup mirror and a fast wireless charger. With our QuickCharge technology it is about 2X faster than normal chargers, which means you do not have to wait long to get back to full power. This compact mirror will be perfect for people who are looking for a smart lighted makeup mirror, a wireless charger as well as being super easy to use and very portable.

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