Your Personal care assistant - MIRREX intelligent fill light make up mirror

In every woman's cosmetic bag, in addition to lipstick, blush, eye shadow, air cushion BB and other cosmetics, there is an essential small item: that is the MAKE UP MIRROR. To tell the truth, for a girl, the makeup mirror is another girlfriend. Whenever needs to make up, beauty comes back in minutes. Use the makeup mirror before seeing a boy, see if the makeup has improvements. See if there is no lipstick on the teeth; when taking a selfie, use a makeup mirror before it.


Therefore, MIRREX portable smart make up mirror is your choice.

-Three levels of light, longer lasting use, and anti-fingerprint protection.  Fast charging.

Therefore, MIRREX portable smart make up mirror is your choice.


The mirror is about 80-230g which is very light.


Use matte as a material for our mirrors which is protective for damaging.

Also, the most impressive thing is that it has wireless charging(support all phones)  and power bank function which is the most convenience.


Angel Lux,which is a ring of light surrounding which is made up of 6000K LED light. The color rendering index(CRI) is up to 95. It also simulates natural lights with 3 different modes. In all situations, mirrex will be with you.


Extremely close-up view for detail work like tweezing and applying eye make up with our 5X zooming.


ultra-clear, high-quality glass backed by high-quality aluminum coating